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Crossword Help

Crossword Help has been designed to assist people completing crosswords or other word games, where the length of the word and some letters are already known. Games like crosswords, hangman, Wheel of Fortunate, perhaps Scrabble and others.

The word list used in Crossword Help is a modified version of the word list used in the preferred Australian English spellcheck dictionary. Some words have been removed such as those with spaces, quotes, hyphens and numbers. These words will not normally appear in a word puzzle.

Crossword Help is brought to you by Online Connections.

TIPS for Crossword Help usage:

  • Select the number of letters for your word first.
  • Leave the letters you don't know blank. Don't enter a space, if you do, then delete it.
  • You can use tab to go from one letter to the next.
  • The number of words returned by Crossword Help is limited to 40. You'll receive a message if there's too many words returned, which means you need to keep finding more letters first.
  • Use the Clear button to clear the letters you've entered and return the number of letters to the default of five letters.
  • Access to Word Check is provided to check the meaning of words.


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